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Developing Interaction With Your Clients in E Commerce Situations

In some ways, it’s harder to promote online businesses than it is to promote bricks and mortar. Because establishments that have a physical location can target their promotionsgeographically – and the nature of their business can lead them to time specific campaigns too, for example happy hours in bars or meal deals during the week in restaurants.

It is all, of course, about finding a way to get those feet marching through the door. And that means giving people a reason to get up and come to your premises.
But what about the online equivalent of a premises? When you have an e commerce store to promote, are you more likely to get a buying decision out of your target audience?

To an extent it is difficult to tell whether bricks and mortar or online promotions have more percentage of success. Because an online promotion potentially reaches thousands of customers, while bricks and mortar promotions don’t. To take the most obvious example, if you promote a restaurant with a sandwich board on the street, then the only people likely to be affected by your promotion are those who happen to walk past the board while it is out and legible. While everyone on an e commerce store mailing list can be contacted with a promotion they will at least see the subject line of, even if they don’t read the email in full.

Magento developers are able to develop interactive promotions using the tools with which they built your site. And they can promote in site too, using freeware add-ons designed to make more of a customer’s shopping experience.
But, again, what of the customer who isn’t logged into the site right now? How do you get him or her back?
One way is to interrogate his or her previous purchases, and then send out email updates telling him or her what other similar products have arrived at your store. So if he or she bought a few blues albums from you, tell him or her about all the latest blues albums. Or you can even create specific special offers for each person. So rather than waiting for new blues albums to come out, you can run a promotion where every customer who has already bought three blues albums gets a personal discount code, offering 15% (or whatever) off of their next blues purchase.

The functionality of e commerce platforms allows you to create some pretty incisive promotional drives. The only barrier, really, to your achieving a good hit rate is your own imagination.

Because if you can come up with a unique way of promoting yourself, which involves pressing a customer towards specific times to buy for example, then you end up with an audience fighting to get onto your site to spend its money. The most obvious example of this is something like a popular rock concert, where tickets sell out within minutes of going on sale.

That’s the kind of demand everyone hopes to create for their own e commerce ventures. The trick is in learning how to use available technology to do so.

Amy Manly is a product designer and promotions expert. She lives in Cairns. In this article she is providing us some valuable information on Magento developers and how they help in developing interactive promotions and empowering a small business too.

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