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Discover How To Delete Facebook Account Forever

So you want to delete Facebook account? You came to the right place. Follow those steps and your Facebook will be permanently deleted.
Earlier Facebook offered option to deactivate account but now they made option to delete it totally from the Internet.

Before deleting Facebook account I would suggest deleting your pictures, videos and other informations (if you want to of course).

Now after you are sure that you want to delete Facebook account follow those simple steps:

1. Go to

Your need to login if you aren’t already logged in.

Than click Delete My Account below bunch of text that probably noone cares about.

2. In box called Password type your current Facebook password.

Type security check and click famous Okay button.

3. This is sign that your account has been deleted.

Tips and warnings

  • Your account will be deleted in few days
  • If you try to login in your account, you will see a date when your Facebook account should be deleted
  • After this date you can’t recover your Facebook account
  • You can still make and manage Facebook fan pages without creating personal Facebook account and learn how to do that here:

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