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Google Panda Update 3.8 Impact

Google recently announced 3.8 Panda update and according to the GA – those Google updates are having positive impact on my traffic (at least when it comes to this blog). SEO isn’t what used to be anymore, especially after 24th april.Here is latest Google Panda update:

Google said that latest update affected only 1% but that’s still major update and it seems more updates are coming in the future. Penguin affected only 3% of queries and so many webmasters are talking about it.

So, I’ll show you this case study and from my personal experience it seems that what used to work – doesn’t work anymore.

I will compare my two sites. This one ( and another one.

Website that lost rankings after Google updates:

I really put a lot of work on latter one and I did everything that’s considered as SEO:

  • Article marketing
  • Blog commenting (not so much but still…)
  • Forum posting
  • … but I didn’t focused on getting likes, retweets, +1’s etc (and it’s a bit hard to get likes and retweets since it’s semi-static website)

Here are results of my hard work:

Such falling scale isn’t nice to see, especially after putting a lot of hours into link building. I think I know better ways how to waste my time.

Google just loves this website:

Well all those Google updates had some impact on my websites, especially on this blog you are reading right now(well not really a blog, just a place where I’m sharing useful stuff but I might turn it into blog and write more about SEO, Google updates and marketing in general, but since my english sucks I think I’ll just focus on writing generic stuff):

Google finally has shown some mercy to my site or just rewarded me for my content which I even didn’t optimize.

Here is what I did (or actually what I didn’t):

  • I think I only made like 2 forum posts and linked to my inner pages
  • I wrote like 2 blog comments
  • I write longer posts at this blog then usually I write for other websites (average 600+ words) and it seems that Google just loves long posts
  • I didn’t do any article submission and I didn’t submit even 1 link to web directories
  • Only what I remember is that I added signature on DP and linked to my feeds which is shown under my username at v7n webmaster forum.
  • Lately I got a lot of tweets, likes, social bookmarks (thanks to all those who share my stuff) and it seems that Google prefers social signals over link building. So focus on social signals rather than on a mere link building.
  • I focused on content, but I hardly focused at any promotion of this website
  • It seems that’s all about being natural:

Interesting quote from blog (please read whole post on how one of SEO-ers there recovered from Google Over Optimization Penalty)

As in this video Matt Cuts said:

We will keep working on our site and hopefully you’ll keeping working on your site.

It seems that Google is working towards delivering to its users natural, readable, user-friendly and unique content (bye bye, article spinners). So content is the king from now.

Bottom line

…and Google don’t want you to build links. Google want you to focus on content and they will take the rest.


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