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How Do I Use Google Alerts to Generate Traffic

Do you want more traffic? Every marketer or just a small business owner will answer yes but how to get real, quality and targeted traffic is even better question. After recent Google Panda/Penguin updates, many are looking for alternative ways to gain targeted traffic. Well, through Google Alerts is easy to achieve something like that. Very easy but it takes some time, patience and work. However results are winsome. Even better than you might think. Don’t believe me? Proceed with reading since I’ll explain this trick into details. In the first place you need to go here:

In the box Search query you type every search query you want to monitor. You are able to select type of result, whether is query related to news or blogs and you are able to track all results or only better results as well. In the last box you enter your e-mail address to which Google will send you the data.
You are able to track any search query, but the real problem is which ones you should monitor actually.

Well there are different methods to come up with ideas what to actually track.

What’s your website about?

Different niches, different keywords, different search queries. Let’s say you got a website on laptops. Your main keyword is cheap laptops and you want to focus on that keyword. You simply could monitor these search queries:

cheap laptops
inexpensive laptops

By monitoring these search queries you will get relevant results of forums and blogs to comment on.

Make sure alert will be sent as soon as it happens.

Now what?

Now every time someone makes a thread on a forum, creates a video or writes a blog post relevant to the given search query you want to monitor, you will be informed through Google Alerts. Google Alerts will simply send you an e-mail which looks something like this:

Now just simply click on a link, register on the forum and write a post on the topic with included link to your website or in case that the relevant keyword has been found on a blog, you could leave a comment on that blog. In case someone created a video on given search query, you could leave comment on YouTube or even create a response video.

In case that forum doesn’t allow posting links, you could add the link in the signature.

But not only that, by using Google Alerts you could make a list of blogs and forums relevant to your niche which you can use on a daily basis, whether blog commenting or forum posting in order to gain some traffic.

Advanced way to use Google Alerts:Track your online presence

You could use Google Alerts to track your brand. For example, if you want to get informed every time you are mentioned on the Internet as a search query use your name or your company’s name. For example:

webmagz LLC (let's say I got a company)
Eldin Egrlić

You could use quotes as well in order to get relevant results only from exact search queries, for example:


On that way alerts might be more relevant and of higher quality but also such alerts aren’t as often as broad search queries.

Now every time someone mentions me or my company online, I will be informed immediately.

You don’t have to own a company. You could simply track your website’s online presence on that way as well. In a search query include quotes. For example, if I’d like to monitor my website’s online presence I’d use “” as a search query. Including quotes in a search query will deliver only relevant results I’m looking for.

So now every time someone says online Oh man, that website sucks I will get informed in order to say my opinion. Everybody’s got an opinion, right?

Detailed search query monitoring

You could use some search parameters in order to create alerts for detailed search queries.

For example

intitle:cheap laptops

will deliver to you results with the search query mentioned in the title.

inurl:cheap laptops

is gonna deliver you a list of results with search query mentioned in URL of the website.


is for creating alerts focused on certain file types.

Monitoring long-tail keywords

You can use Google Alerts to monitor long-tail keywords as well such as:

where to buy laptop *
laptop * under *
* laptop
new laptop *

Using these search queries you should get targeted alerts whereas * represents brand or year and you should leave * as it is.

Monitoring Twitter

You can use Google Alerts to monitor Twitter as well. For example: "cheap laptops"

Now every time tweets about certain subject, you will be let known.

Monitor your competition

If you hate respect your competition as I do…then you gotta monitor and spy on them. As a search query use competing website’s quoted URL without www, for example: (you'd better not be my competitor)

Now every time someone mentions your competitor, tell them there is better solution for given problem.

Another way to monitor your competition is search by site parameter. For example:

will send you an alert every time competing site publish a new post, video or some other media file.

As you can see, Google Alerts is one of these things that shouldn’t be overlooked as traffic from Google Images as well.

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