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20 Ideas On How To Get More Twitters Followers

There is no twitter user that never thought about the ways how to get more twitter followers. For those who don’t know Twitter is social network, similar to Facebook where you can share¬† up to 140 signs long messages known as tweets. The more followers you got, the more people will read your messages and the more people will hear about you.


1. Follow others

Follow others and get followed. Most twitters will follow you back if you follow them. If you made brand-new account don’t follow more than 50 people a day. Otherwise you could get suspended because of following other people too much. Build your twitter account first for a month or so, and then after Twitter see you as active and quality member (not as spammer) you could follow up to 2o0-300 people a day. Usually about 30-50% twitter users will follow you back. So if you follow 1000 people, at least 300 people should follow you back. Don’t practice aggressive following and follow certain type of audience. You can also use Twitter’s Advanced Search to find certain Twitter members:!/search-advanced

2. Don’t be shy and upload your photo

People just loves to see to see how someone looks like. Don’t be shy and upload your photo on Twitter. People will perceive you as professional and as someone who should be taken serious.


3. Interesting bio is a turn on

Don’t forget to write interesting bio about yourself. Write what you like (and what you don’t like) and who are you, in general. Potential follower is able to have more insight on you. For example, if you want to promote your website about cooking, write that you love cooking and you should attract twitters who loves cooking.


4. Share useful and inspirational content

Share quality content on your Twitter. Potentially it will be retweeted and the more retweets you get, the more twitter users will see your tweets and they might follow you to see more quality and interesting tweets from you. Build audience and slowly create good quality content, but don’t spam your followers. Don’t retweet anything you see just to look active on Twitter.


5. Keep your tweets short
In case that your tweet gets retweeted, you should keep it shorter so your followers might include username in tweet(in my case that would be @Webmagznet). Tweet shouldn’t be longer than 130 characters in case that you get retweeted. The more retweets you get, the more people who aren’t following you, should follow you if they notice you are sharing good and quality content.


6. Reply to others publicly

Be active and reply to others publicly. Also, don’t send Direct Messages if is not needed, rather publicly reply on someone’s tweet and be sociable.


7. Promote your twitter account on Facebook

If you got Facebook account, you might let people know about your Twitter account.


8. Follow after tweet

This plugin allows visitor to follow you after person tweeted your content. This is great way to gain more twitter followers:

9. Twitter badge and Twitter follow me button

You should put on your website or blog Twitter badge. It looks like this:


More information on this link:


..or you can put Twitter badge on your website. It looks something like this:

It’s good thing that your visitors that come to your blog, are able to see latest tweets and also able to subscribe. Here is link to this plugin:


10. Connect Pinterest to Twitter

You can connect Pinterest to Twitter and in same time be active on both social networks. Pinterest in newest social network where you can pin stuff you like and expand your audience. More followers on Pinterest should result in more followers on Twitter and vice versa.

You can connect Twitter and Pinterest here:



11. Promote your Twitter account through signatures

Join forums and discussion boards. You can promote your twitter account through those communities, especially that’s good way to promote Twitter account since you can target audience. Through forums you can gain large exposure and gain some followers. Just be sure that you are sharing quality content and writing good posts, since you want to attract quality and active twitter members.


12. Connect Facebook with Twitter

Connect Facebook with Twitter – try this app, it’s free.


13. Buy followers

You can buy followers – but that’s not best idea. You should buy some if you want to gain certain amount of followers in shorter time. But building slow audience is best way to gain followers.


14. Exchange followers

You can join those networks to exchange followers.


15. Follow those who will follow back

Follow those who follow back. Usually those people have quite equal number of followers and following members. Or they say in their bio “Follow me, and I’ll follow you back”.


16. Ask for retweet

Ask twitter members, especially those who seems friendly to retweet you. Kindly ask members and someone should be nice enough and retweet some of your tweets. Or you can include in twitter message something like “Please RT” which means “Please Retweet”.



17. Tweet interesting and funny pictures

A bit of humor is always good. Upload interesting and funny pics that should attract people and some of them might retweet you.


18. Unfollow those who aren’t following you back

Those web services may help you to unfollow those who aren’t following you back. You can’t follow 2000 people if you have 2000 people who are following you. So regularly unfollow those who aren’t following you back, so you can follow other people.


19. Use hash (#) tag

Use # hash tag to connect with other Twitter members and you can also create tweets based on trending topics you can see on left side.

20. Get free Twitter followers from various services

You can use Google to find web services who are offering free twitter followers:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=5f551c48dd37d1b2&biw=1280&bih=612

Bottom line

Unfollow those who aren’t following you back. Also, build followers steady and slowly. You can’t get 1000’s of followers in a day or in a week, but by slowly following others and connecting with other members, you will get more exposure, get known and gain followers. Don’t rush and give yourself a time. Follow others on a daily basis but don’t follow too much. Be interesting and post quality content. Don’t spam but yet tweet on a daily basis. Retweet others and get retweeted. Also, if you want to gain more Facebook likes you might check out this post on how to gain more Facebook likes.

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