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The Future of SEO is Promising

Traditionally SEO only meant keywords and inbound links. But the scenario is different today, with changes to Google’s algorithm in recent months which is poised to change the face of SEO forever. Inbound links and keywords will continue to be important, but there are many other factors involved in your website’s search rank. So what does the future hold for SEO? Here are insights to be aware of and some reasons all business owners must consider SEO for their online properties.

  1. 1.      Mobile Search will Continue to Rise

Statistics have revealed that 61% of mobile searchers who visit non-optimized sites will leave immediately and return to Google to find one that is more readable. Smartphone users make up a significant segment of online users and they too want to experience the richness of the web. Google has recently started to prioritize mobile-optimized sites on search results for users on tablets and Smartphone devices. What this means is that even if your website is optimized in terms of keywords and inbound links, but is not properly optimised for mobile, there are chanced it could be demoted in search rankings.

The solution is to use responsive design to build your website. Responsive design stresses on the importance of creating a site that adapts to the screen size on which it is being accessed. This not only does away with the concept of separate tablet, mobile and PC versions of your site, but also makes your content visible in a readable way.

  1. 2.      Social Media is Poised to Become an Authority

Social media is the future of SEO. A couple of years ago, inbound linking was the best way to increase search authority. While that hasn’t changed much, the definition of what makes an inbound link great, has. Earlier, the best inbound links were from a website that had a lot of authority itself. But now, there are other ways to achieve an authoritative link.

This is where social media comes in. According to research, 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from family and friends and family more completely. These recommendations come specifically through social media. Today, search engines have started factoring a user’s social connections into their results as well.

  1. 3.      SEO will focus on user intent more than just keywords

Google’s new algorithm Hummingbird was launched with the aim of returning search results more efficiently and accurately. This ‘conversational’ algorithm focuses more on a search query as a whole, rather than isolating every word individually. This intuitive approach is more personal and accurate and offers holistic results that can be reaped in every Google interactions. SEO has shifted its focus from individual words to the intent behind these words.

There are many parameters that will be taken into account now such as the location, context of the search, platform, timeliness, conversation cues, device, and hyper-local factors, to produce better results. For businesses, this means on shifting focus from individual keywords to questions that users may ask about you, and then create content around that.

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