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WordPress vs Blogger?

WordPress and Blogger are huge rivals in blogging platforms and if you can’t make a choice, this post might help you. Here are facts about both of those platforms that might help you to choose one of them. Both platforms are free and both are very good to make free blogs which could be used for various purposes, but yet it give to your blog a professional look and a lot of other features.

Design – WordPress wins!

If you prefer design over SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then WordPress is right choice for you.

Let me explain why is WordPress better.

WordPress offers a lot of great themes and much more than Blogger. Blogger offers a couple of free templates but I think that’s incomparable to a huge number of free templates which WordPress free blogging platform offers.

Let me be clear. Here is screenshot of all free templates Blogger offers to its users:

…and this is list of themes WordPress offers for free:

As you can see, WordPress have displayed only 187 themes to me while a probably thousand of themes available to other users.

SEO – Blogger (Blogspot) wins!

Blogger is better for SEO because it’s owned by Google. It’s a fact that Google gives more attention to blogs hosted at and you probably noticed how many blogspot blogs are actually ranking for some really quality and highly competing keywords.

If you love traffic and especially traffic from search engines, then pick up Blogger’s blogspot.

Widgets – WordPress and Blogger are equal in this battle!

WordPress offers some widgets but bloggers does so too. They are quite same when widgets comes to widgets and accessories.

Connectivity with readers

I think Blogger give more attention to connectivity and making connections with readers. If you want to build audience with whole spectar of readers and users, then you might choose blogspot since they have in-build widgets for Google plus, Google followers and such social network sites.


Both types of blogging platforms offers customization, manual editing of code, HTML and CSS editing and adjustment. However, Blogger offers more controls to adjust and tune blog’s design, look and columns.

Blogger also offers Layout control which can be used to sort the elements, move them around and determine location of each element.


WordPress don’t have such option and they rely on user’s manual editing of code.



Blogger offers some kind of pre-made version of your blog ready for your mobile visitors so it’s really great if you are planning to promote your blog to mobile users.


Blogger is a way more popular than WordPress. Most people already heard about blogspot domain so if you are targeting audience with low knowledge about technology, then you might choose Blogger.

The bottom line

Both blogging platforms are very good but here is summary:

  • If you enjoy manually customizing your blog, if you want to have more control over design your blog and if you don’t care about audience and traffic (especially traffic from search engines) – pick up WordPress blog.
  • If you don’t have much time, you don’t know how to customize your blog or you simply don’t want to spend time customizing your blog – pick up Blogger (blogspot). In minutes you will have customized blog ready for writing but you will be a bit limited to design. Also, if you like connecting with your readers – Blogger is great platform to connect with your readers.



  1. ya,,, i prefer blogger than wordpress,, more simple and nice

  2. Nice review. I will also prefer blogger over wordpress.

  3. nice comparison of the two. As it looks blogger is the winner

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